Fonts download and installation
Request for using SIMNIC to collect information

  • Open Internet explorer on Windows machine and give
  • Click on format from participating department
  • Click on login
  • Login: Select your office/locations/id from list provided, give password and select the keyboard for non-English formats.
  • As per your login you will be made available with options available to you. Click the desired on to use SIMNIC.
  • When done, never forget to logout.
  • The date format is e.g. 23.11.2003
  • You will not get the Save button in data-entry: If the date of submission of report has expired OR not provided
    If the login and reporting codes are different
    If the row no. is not provided (for multi row record)

    Fonts download and installation
  • Select the language from select list on right-bottom side of Homepage
  • If display is not showing junk then
    1. Try setting Encoding user defined of Internet Explorer (View->Encoding->User Defined)
    2. Click on Download font (for non Uni-code fonts only) Save font file to some folder Open Windows explorer and go to folder where font file is saved, Right click and copy Click Start->Settings->Control Panel => Fonts, Right click and paste (When prompter for installation click OK)
    3. Now if display is showing junk again then try 2.i)
  • For Unicode enabling of clients, visit following link

    Request for using SIMNIC to collect information
    Fill-in the following form and send to
  • To:
    State Informatics Officer,
    National Informatics Centre,
    11th floor, New Administrative Building,
    Opposite Mantralaya,
    Mumbai 400032.
    Or send e-mail to with copy to
    SIMNIC participation request form
    Name of Department 
    Name of Format 
    LanguageEnglish/ Marathi/ Hindi / ---------------
    Name of Department (for non English formats) 
    Name of Format (for non English formats) 
    Frequency of CollectionDaily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly, Once, Latest
    Reporting periodupto ------ days from due date
    Password for guest userKeep blank password
    No guest user
    Office Details
    Contact Person 
    Office Address 
    Telephone No 
    Report collection from (tick)Division /District /Taluka /Village
    Other ------------- /--------------- /--------------- /------------------
    (Attach hierarchy)
    Head of Department 
    Signature and Seal of Head of Department 

    For NIC Use
    Department ID 
    Format ID  
    Administrator Password 
    Operator Password 
    Created by