SIMNIC Status Information Management system by NIC (ver 2.0)

Objective: Every department of Government has a need to collect the information about status of projects from filed offices through various formats. With a view to provide speedy format preparation and online collection of information and its management, NIC, Mumbai has developed this package which is implemented on NICNET as an G2G package.

How it is achieved: A generic web-based module is designed & developed keeping in the view the basic parameters of required formats. Administrator of the SIMNIC generates an ID and gives administrator password for the format to be prepared. This ID & password is used for the formation definition and its administration by the concerned department. Format Administrator can give passwords for each of the reporting field office or a global password for user operator can be used.

Future Scope:
  1. Data Collection from tree like reporting structure
  2. Simple Formulas for calculation such as %, Average, Maximum, Minimum
  3. Analysis module to view the collected data with different search criteria and comparison with old / cumulative data
  4. Program availability at national level for collecting inter state (nation wide data)
  5. Other languages support using ISM utilities/UNICODE
LOGIN Authorization plan:
Logged in as Authorised to
SIMNIC Administrator
Create New Formats only
Manage location list
Manage Format administrators password
Format Administrator
Modify new formats
Manage format columns
Manage format rows
Manage format timelimit
Manage format operator/user passwords
Format Operator
Format filling for all location users data
Format columns code creation
Generate/Compile Format for given criteria
Format user
Format filling for his location and below only.

Format creation procedure:

Format area What is to be decided
Format Header
  • Heading of the format

  • The frequency at which format is to be filled up (One time, Yearly(Calendar/Financial), Half-Yearly, Quarterly, Bimonthly, Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly, Daily or Latest)

  • The Level of Report (National/State/Division/District etc.)

  • Depth of Report (State/Division/District/Taluka/Village etc.)

  • The script of the Format (English, Hindi, Marathi etc.)

  • Time limit for submitting information after report date (in no. of days)
  • Format Columns
  • Column Heading

  • Column data unit of measure

  • Column type (Text, Multi Row, Numeric, Date, Time, Codes, Yes/No, Formula etc.)

  • Column format (e.g. 99999.99,

  • Column data width

  • Column data precision for numeric data OR rows for multi row

  • Columns to be totaled/counted

  • Column Alignment (left/right/center)

  • Column default Data
  • Format Rows
  • Title of each row

  • Is row total required
  • Column Codes
  • If any column is accepting codes then codes and there corresponding values are required

  • Step 1: (SIMNIC Administrator)
    SIMNIC Administrator will create a format ID for a particular format and give its administrator and operator password.
    Step 2: (Format Administrator)
    Login as administrator for a particular format
    Through OPTIONS-Column define the columns for the format
    Through OPTIONS-Timelimit give the timelimit for filling of the format by user after due date
    Through OPTIONS-Rows define the rows for the format (if any)
    Through OPTIONS-Codes enter the codes and their values for columns having codes (if any)
    Through OPTIONS-Passwords assign the passwords for field offices/locations
    Format filling procedure: (Field/location user and operator)
    Login as operator/user for a particular format
    Through OPTIONS-data entry form enter the format columns
    Format Compilation:
    Login as operator for a particular format
    Through OPTIONS-Compilation form generate the report for required period

    Available at:
    On internet at URL :
    Architecture : J2EE, XML
    Software Platform:
    Development: Windows 98, MySQL, Apache Tomcat
    Deployment: Linux, MySQL, Apache Tomcat

    For more information : Contact
    State Informatics Officer:
    Development team: